We Help Businesses Claim R&D Tax Credits from HMRC

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Maximising your claim for R&D Tax Relief is what we do best.

Have you or are you going to develop a new product, process or service?

If the answer is yes or you’re not sure then the chances are likely you qualify for a research and development tax credit.

The Research and development tax credit incentive is designed to boost innovation within the U.K and help businesses to prosper through re-investment.

What Are R&D Tax Credits?


R&D stands for research and development. R&D tax credits are an incentive from the government to boost and improve innovation through all industry sectors. This is an opportunity for your company to benefit by either reducing your corporation tax or by receiving a refund from HMRC. The size of your claim will depend on how much time and resources you spend engaging in research and development activities.

All UK limited companies are eligible to claim research and development tax credits providing they are spending time creating new products or services, improving existing ones or extending the overall knowledge in their field.

Take a closer look and find out more about tax credits.

Why Use Available Grants Instead?


It is so important to get the claim completed with accuracy, thus gaining the maximum value benefit that your business rightfully deserves. Due to the nature and complexity of the R&D report, accountants, brokers and financial advisors prefer to leave the claiming to us.

We partner with you and your team and seek the Win-Win in all we do.

HMRC have their checks and balances in place and we understand what they expect. That is why our expert team is well positioned to ensure a smooth journey, allowing you and your business to keep achieving your goals.

Qualifying Sectors

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Re-Invest In Your Business. Be A Grow-Getter.


Although there is a year on year growth of R&D tax credit claim pay-outs from HMRC to SME’s (small medium enterprises), a large majority of businesses are still not making claims that may be eligible because they think don’t engage in R&D activities.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you start to unpack elements of your business activities which may very well qualify for R&D tax credits.

R&D cuts across many industry sectors, not just rocket science!

Our team is lead by a curious mind-set and we live and breathe R&D. We don’t just accept information on face value and we’re always looking for the maximum benefit.  Our customer centric approach ensures we always put ourselves in your shoes too.

We want what is best for your business which means we always follow a robust and professional approach. Our processes are consultative so that we really get to understand your business better. It is not a one size fits all solution.

We are confident that we will help your business gain the cash injection it deserves in order to re-invest in its ever-evolving growth progression and innovation activities.



% Of Businesses That Are Missing Out On R&D Tax Credits.


% Increase In SME's Making Claims.


% Increase In First Time Claims

Claiming Process.


First and foremost – We work on a No Win No Fee basis, so there is no risk.

  1. Chat with our R&D specialists to check eligibility
  2. We collect the necessary supporting information to build the claim
  3. We create a technical report and collate the eligible expenditure
  4. We hand the technical report to your accountant to submit through to HMRC
  5. HMRC typically process and pay out claims within 4-6 weeks of submission

If you have never claimed before then our experts can compile claims up to 2 years after your accounting period ends.

If your accounting period is March 2019 then you have until March 2021 to submit your claim.