Accountancy Partner Programme




We recognise and acknowledge that your key activities as an Accounting firm are to ensure your clients remain compliant and as risk free as possible. Having an appreciation for your resource constraints has been the reason why our partnership programme has come into existence. We work with you in-order to take care of the complexities surrounding the entire R&D claims process on behalf of your client.


Why do our Accountancy Partners choose to work with Available Grants?

Accountancy firms want what is best for their clients and therefore depend on Available Grants to execute excellent service delivery and return maximum value back to their client’s R&D activities.

Our expertise and competencies deliver strong results and lay foundations for long lasting mutual relationships between your Accounting practice and your client.

Our rates and agreements are competitive, flexible, and adaptable -especially in these unprecedented business environments that we find ourselves operating in.

Like you, we are an SME too and we understand that it takes a bit more elbow grease to get the work done properly!


How do we work with you?

Partnerships thrive when there is commitment and communication where a Win-Win is sought after. It is therefore critical for us to nurture the relationship and part of that means understanding your business goals and the best way to operate with your business.

Available Grants places itself as an extension of your accounting services, think of us as your R&D business unit. We provide full transparency and dialogue throughout the entire lifecycle of the claims process based on your needs and requirements as well as your client.

Furthermore, because our partnership is based on referrals from you, we would think it advantageous to help you identify which of your clients could be eligible for a claim.


Continuous Improvement

Whilst our partnership blooms, we would encourage consistent iterative feedback and review sessions. Our approach toward business is client-centric, as such, part of this core function means you will have a dedicated key account director providing key learnings and insights.

Harnessing the expertise of our R&D specialists allows adaptability against the changing business environment and legislation. Our team will ensure your team and your clients keep up to date with the world of R&D tax relief.

Claim process at a glance:

Step 1: Upon eligibility being identified, we conduct the necessary information and evidence gathering with the client.

Step 2: The technical report is signed off and sent into HMRC for validation and pay out.

Step 3: Your client receives the tax relief monies from HMRC and we receive our fee

Step 4: You receive your partner referral commission from us.


We would love to set-up a friendly chat with you to explore a Partner programme that will compliment your business. Contact us via the options available.