R&D In Agriculture.

When challenges occur and overcoming uncertainty means having to find a new or improved way for processes, products or services – trust us – it doesn’t just apply to a person in a white scientist cloak but it also applies to our Farmers.

Farmers are in a prime position to take advantage of R&D tax relief and are encouraged to do so in the name of innovation and growth.

As a simple example, a farmer may be experimenting in a new way to plant their crop or perhaps discovering a new way to generate energy from an unlikely raw product.

Basically, if there is an appetite to innovate and improve your Agricultural business, you may be eligible for a Research and Development Tax Credit.

We have seen a wide variety of agricultural firms benefit from the R&D Tax relief where costs associated but not necessarily limited to:

Staff | Subcontractors | Consumables | Software used | Prototyping.

Did you know the average R&D claim in the agriculture sector was over £48000.

Instead of guessing if your business is eligible, rather let Available Grants work with you to find out if there’s a potential claim. We work on a No-Win No-Fee basis, so let’s arrange an eligibility call with one of our R&D Tax specialists now.