R&D In Architecture

Architectural firms from the UK exude the flair of combining art and science to produce some of our country’s most marvelled sites by local and world travellers. Where design thinking consistently pushes boundaries by exploiting and exploring the use of raw materials, applying new or improved design methodology processes, and the innovative and exciting ways of witnessing new buildings across the micro and macro levels within the built environment.

Having regard for the thoughts above, it is easy to see that research and development activities play an integral part within Architecture. However, we understand that significant expenditure is required to keep evolving in this industry, that is why we can help your architectural firm claim back the rightful Tax Relief  in the form of tax credits or a reduction in your corporation tax from HMRC. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to re-invest those rebates straight back into your business so you can strive to achieve the next level of your architectural solution?

What kind of Architectural projects may be eligible for R&D tax relief credits?

By way of example (but not limited to) an architectural firm developed concepts for manufacturing processes and also identified ways to innovate their cladding and roofing technology. When challenges occur and overcoming uncertainty means having to find a new or improved way for processes, products or services – you are more than likely conducting R&D.

We have seen a wide variety of architectural companies benefit from the R&D Tax relief where costs associated but not necessarily limited to:

Staff | Subcontractors | Consumables | Software Used | Prototyping

Instead of guessing if your business is eligible, rather let Available Grants work with you to find out if there’s a potential claim. We work on a No-Win No-Fee basis, so let’s arrange an eligibility call with one of our R&D Tax specialists now.