R&D In Science And Medicine

The field of science and medicine could be likened to that as the founder of research and development. Where curious mindsets exist of all those involved, it is without a shadow of doubt, that many activities seek to uncover solutions where uncertainty exists and the appetite for innovation is the staple diet amongst peers. R&D Tax Relief has played an instrumental role in supporting the science and medicine industry, providing much needed rebates in the form of either tax credits or reductions in their corporation tax, in order to encourage businesses to continue their aggressive expenditure activities in research and development. It is noteworthy to highlight that in the years 2018-19, the Professional, Science & Technical industry claimed in excess of £1.2bn! Whether your business has undertaken projects to improve or produce new processes, products or services, you ought to be considering how much of those costs could be associated to R&D. By way of an example (but not limited too), firms that seek to improve drugs, produce new support materials such as wound care that is more durable or of different materials to be used for bladder care or perhaps build software to help with operations that couldn’t be purchased off the shelf. As you can see, there are many activities that constitute R&D and we would encourage you to get in touch with us here at Available Grants to help you make the right claim. We have seen a wide variety of science & medicine companies benefit from the R&D Tax relief where costs associated but not necessarily limited to: Staff | Subcontractors | Consumables | Software Used | Prototyping Instead of guessing if your business is eligible, rather let Available Grants work with you to find out if there’s a potential claim. We work on a No-Win No-Fee basis, so let’s arrange an eligibility call with one of our R&D Tax specialists now.