R&D Tax Credits.


Welcome To The World Of R&D Tax Credits.

There is a possibility your business could be eligible to claim R&D Tax credits. Let’s unpack this area so there’s more detail and clarity available for you.


Understanding Research & Development.

Fundamentally, all types of businesses carry out activities that seek to yield advances in providing improved or new products, services and processes. It forms part of the discovery phase to which end knowledge is crafted to assist in decision making on whether the viability of the product, service or process is worth it or not.


What Are R&D Tax Credits?

The UK Government has set aside a fantastic incentive in the form of a Tax Relief fund. This fund encourages small and medium sized (SME) businesses to further invest in their activities which fuel innovation, research and development. This brilliant Tax Relief scheme is sector-agnostic. This means your business could very well be eligible for a Tax Credit. This may reduce your Corporation Tax cost or you could receive a refund from HMRC. Many businesses don’t realise they are doing R&D and so miss out on crucial re-investment funds. These funds could give them the cash boost they need to reach their next goals quicker.


Could My Business Be Eligible?

Ask yourself these questions and if you answer yes to any of them, you may be eligible:

1. Does my business engage in projects which seeks to overcome uncertainty?
2. Does my business spend time improving processes, products or services?
3. Does my business invest time discovering ways to create new products, services or processes?

Remember, the UK Government has the desire to see local businesses become successful and thrive as world contenders. That’s one of the reasons why the R&D Tax Credit scheme exists.  Our team of R&D Tax experts are here to help you maximise the claim your business rightfully deserves.


Which Industry Experts Perform R&D?

It is reassuring to know that research and development cuts across such a wide variety of industries. R&D is found in small to large businesses. Yes, there are popular industries like Manufacturing, Professional, Scientific, Technical, Information and Communication sectors but there are lots more industries – trust us.
It’s quite exciting to discover the scope of R&D activities. When you consider the fact that HMRC are quite vocal in expressing that many eligible businesses are not claiming R&D tax relief, there could be opportunity for your business. Let’s arrange an eligibility call?


Is It Worth Pursuing R&D Tax Credits?

Without trying to be biased toward the services we offer, when you consider the average successful claim amount of £47333.00 that SME’s are paid out, it does seem worth every penny. When you work with Available Grants, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that the maximum value tax credit claim is awarded to your business.


Can I Claim Tax Credits Without Available Grants?

You can certainly go through the process yourself and you can ask your accountant to provide a submission. However, you may want to consider why you should rather leave it to a specialist firm like Available Grants.  Our sole objective is to maximise the absolute best return on your claim that you are eligible for.  Finding maximum value for your R&D tax claim requires intricate analysis and expert application of the R&D definition. We are confident that we would be able to uplift your claim quite substantially.


Are My Projects Eligible For R&D Claims?

Having consideration for the definition of R&D from the perspective of HMRC, your project(s) should seek out to challenge and overcome uncertainties and introduce new elements of knowledge.  Maybe you are not sure if this is what your project(s) achieved and that is why we are here to help you.  Determine if your work is eligible for R&D tax relief or not – so why not let us help you find out.  Let’s arrange a friendly eligibility call with our R&D specialist team.


What Sort Of Costs Fall Under The R&D Category?

Without going into the finer detail, our customers are surprised when costs like wages, salaries, trials, prototypes, consumables etc are potentially eligible as part of the R&D costs. There are other cost categories too but without making this conversation complex – let us have a discussion with you to explore your businesses opportunity for a R&D tax credit.  Remember, we work on a No-Win No-Fee model. It won’t cost you a penny if we aren’t successful with your claim.

Use Our R&D Calculator To Find Out How Much You Might Be Able To Claim.

We provide this calculator to help you get a sense of you may be eligible to claim. Rest assured you could be pleasantly surprised after one of our R&D specialists reviews your amounts. Click Here To Use Our Calculator….